Thailand Clock Brand

2nd generation of "On-Time wall Clock" since 2006


Morphin is 2nd generation of "On-Time wall Clock" Brand Created By Mr.Panurat Saengthean (Thailand) since 2006.

Our concept clock "No drilling in to the wall" Got Design Awards  / Design Excellence Award 2010 (Demark),Thailand & Good Design Award 2010 (G-Mark), Japan & Design Inno Award 2013, Thailand

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Now we are proud to present "MORPHIn" new wall clock brand 2017 with 10 Year clock experience by Mr.Panurat Saengthean (Thailand)

Patent Design : Wall clock "no drilling into the wall"

Time 1.25 minute

Morphin : Concept Clock version 1 

Deign & Award 2010 

Morphin : Concept Clock version 2

Design 2017

Morphin : Style Clock 

Design for Decorate your Style

Morphin : Watch

Selected watch style